Welcome to the The Crepe Vine, your monthly personal guide to all about crepes! Read along for an update on the Best Crepe Recipe in the World, your monthly recipe preview, and find out how kids of all ages can learn to make and enjoy crepes. And much, much more!

crepes suzetteSeeking the Best Crepe Recipe in the World! In an attempt to settle this matter, we literally opened the topic up to the world, and with great responses. Entries range from the elegant Crepes de Fruits de Mer to Easy Strawberry Crepes.

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chicken pot pie recipe for crepesEasy Crepes for Kids of All Ages. We've already discussed the affordability of crepes, which makes them excellent options for family dinners. In this spirit, we recently introduced Crepes For Kids! This exciting new section features crepe recipes created for kids of all ages. From Chicken Pot Pie Crepes to Magic Chocolate and Vanilla Swirled Crepes, you're certain to find a recipe here for the most finicky of eaters. Whether you've got young people in your life or you're still a kid at heart, check out these fun variations on crepes.

crepes filled strawberry mousseHappy Spring! Tired of the winter doldrums? Ready for strawberry season? Celebrate the arrival of spring with our Strawberry Mousse Crepes or create your own tribute to strawberries using our delicious Strawberry Crepe Batter Recipe. And yes, they're really pink!

With Easter on the horizon, you're bound to already be thinking about those ham leftovers. If so, consider making Poppyseed Crepes with Ham and Swiss Cheese. Try them topped with our Honey Mustard Dressing.

Other New Recipes From World of Crepes:

New Recipes from our Visitors:
  • The "Heaven" Crepe: Sonya Urzua from Santa Barbara, CA., shows us an easy shortcut to bring a little bit of paradise down to earth. Thanks Sonya!
  • Banana Flambée Crepes: Kroocrew of Saraburi, Thailand shares another one of his signature elegant crepes made with the simplest of ingredients. Thanks Kroocrew!
  • Breakfast Crepes with Raspberry Wine Reduction: Laura Swan of Ankeny, IA shows us how to create an unforgettable sauce using raspberry wine....for breakfast no less! Thanks Laura!

Cooking Website of the Month: For practical cooking hints, check out Jamie Cooks It Up! This delightful site is much more than a blog. At this site, Crepe Vine subscriber Jamie Eskelson strikes a balance between healthy and family-friendly food with her inventive and kitchen-tested recipes. There's a lot to savor here, but we particularly recommend Sarah's Spring Salad as an accompaniment to your favorite crepe recipe.

chocolate crepes filled coffee and mascarpone cheeseRecipe Preview Just for Subscribers! If you're crazy about tiramisu, try our Tiramisu Recipe for Crepes! Just like traditional tiramisu recipes, this recipe features the coffee and mascarpone cheese. But our "twist" substitutes mocha crepes for the lady fingers and includes an extra dose of chocolate with our famous chocolate sauce. It's coffee and dessert all in one!

clipboard with TipTip of the Month: Want to serve crepes in the morning but you know you'll be rushed? Mix your batter the night before. Professional chef Daniel Boulud, in his Café Boulud Cookbook, actually recommends letting the batter rest overnight for optimum results. In our opinion, 30 minutes of rest is fine for most crepe recipes, but if you think about it, making your batter the night before is a great way to wake up with fresh crepe batter to go. Just be sure and warn your "late-night" refrigerator prowlers. At night, crepe batter looks remarkably similar to a vanilla smoothie!

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