We hope that this message finds you well and that you are looking forward to a joyous holiday season and prosperous new year.

As we prepare for 2012, we write with sad but exciting news. First, I have recently made the the difficult decision to transfer the ownership of World of Crepes to Marion Kummerow and Tobias Zimmermann of Munich, Germany. Although the creation of this site has brought me tremendous joy, I regret that I am no longer able to dedicate the same energy to its maintenance. As you all may know, I have had the great fortune to see my first novel in print and have been increasingly occupied with my writing career.

While Dad and I may not be in the kitchen as often, please know that we will forever cherish getting to know you and learning from your own experience with crepes. These thin little pancakes provide an inexhaustible source of inspiration and I encourage you to continue to serve and enjoy crepes. Rest assured, I'll be visiting World of Crepes from time to time myself and I hope to bump into you again in the future.

Marion and Tobias bring a wealth of experience to World of Crepes. I am truly excited for them and for you, my fellow crepe lovers. They are experts in website development and look forward to combining their love of crepes with their interest in strawberries and low-fat recipes. Read more about them here.

Marion and Tobias will undoubtedly bring a new synergy to the subject of crepes. They intend to continue regular communication with all subscribers but if you no longer wish to receive these notices, you are free to opt out following the directions below. I do hope that you will support World of Crepes by remaining a faithful subscriber.

And if you like, you may also stay in touch with me by subscribing to my blog. Simply click the "Sign me up" button under the "Email Subscription" heading under my picture in the right column.

Dad and I both send our heartfelt wishes to you and your families. We hope that you have a wonderful holiday filled with happy times and enduring memories.

Vive la crepe!

Warmest wishes always,

Ashley and Gale
World of Crepes

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