Welcome to The Crepe Vine, your monthly personal guide to all about crepes! The arrival of May and the beginning of summer offer a host of fresh ideas for crepes, including rhubarb, poppyseeds, and mangoes! Intrigued? Read along for these ideas and even more!

veggie crepesVeggie Crepes! What better way to celebrate the arrival of warm weather than to make crepes featuring the bounty of summer? Check out our Butter Beans Crepe Recipe and Zucchini Crepes with Cherry Tomatoes. We'll also show you How to Make Roasted Garlic for a delicious addition to your crepe batter. Mumm....

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frederic lavorel
Crepes Should Be As Famous as Pizza!

Recently World of Crepes had the honor of interviewing successful businessman and crepe entrepreneur Frederic Lavorel of Crepes De France. Read our Exclusive Interview and learn how he's changing the world through crepes, one village at a time.

poppyseed chicken recipe for crepesHappy Mother's Day! Honor your mother by inviting her over for brunch and serving Poppyseed Chicken Crepes. My mother Jane simply loved this recipe and we think your mom will, too. For an easy, French-inspired dessert, we recommend miniature Cherry Tarte Tatins.

Other New Recipes From World of Crepes:

New Recipes from our Visitors:

crepes filled with strawberry rhubarb sauceRecipe Preview Just for Subscribers! Seeking more creative ways to use fresh strawberries? Enjoy the sweet-tart taste of rhubarb?

Try them together in our Strawberry Rhubarb Sauce Recipe for Crepes!

clipboard with TipTip of the Month: Food storage expert Kim (and mother of 5!), suggests that crepes can be an elegant and delicious solution to leftovers. For example: "If you’ve made too much jam, make a batch of crepes and enjoy them for breakfast or dessert with a generous smear of jam and a sprinkling of powdered sugar." For a wealth of great food storage and preparedness resources (including an automated freshness tracker, think EGGS!), please visit All About Food Storage.

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