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The Crepe Vine, Issue #036--Easter Ideas
March 28, 2014

March 28, 2014


Did you notice that Easter is almost there? Less than three weeks to go.

For some reason, eggs are tied to the celebration of Easter, therefore I want to feature some crepes with eggs. If you are in the mood, why not use the egg shells that remain from making your crepes for Easter egg decorations? Off course you need to blow out the eggs instead of breaking the shell :-)

For me a Easter brunch also has to include hard boiled eggs, and if they're dyed, even better. Therefore I show you an easy technique to make Easter eggs.

Recipe of the Month

The Croque Madame crepe is a variation of the traditional Croque Monsieur sandwich from France.

We topped it with a sunny-side up egg to make it the perfect Easter brunch. If you're feeling adventurous, replace the ham with crispy bacon (oh so yummy!) and add some grilled tomatoes.

This is one of my favorites!

Read the instructions here: Crepe Croque Madame


Do you have a blueberry crepe recipe you want to share? Show us your work of love and it might just make it to our "Hall of Honor".


Essential Guide to Crepes

The Ebook Essential Guide to Crepes by Ashley Memory is probably the best book on How to Make Crepes.

Apart from giving detailed step-by-step instructions with photos on how to make world class crepes, it gives you ideas and strategies for throwing an unforgettable crepe party that will give you lasting fame amongst your friends, and some of the best-kept secret crepe recipes that you won't find anywhere else on the internet or offline.

Don't hesitate and grab your copy of the Essential Guide to Crepes now. You won't regret it!


Making Easter Eggs

One of the fun tasks for Easter holiday is to make colorful eggs.

Depending on what you want to make, here are three different techniques.

The easiest one is to use egg dye, which is perfect for hard-boiled eggs.

Using Egg Dye for Hard-boiled Eggs

If you want to make longer lasting pieces of art, use blown-out egg shells and paint them with acrylic paint or use the napkin technique to make truly outstanding Easter decorations.

Paint Your Easter Eggs with Acrylic Paint

The Napkin Technique Converts Anyone in An Artist


I'm always on the lookout for new fantastic crepe and dessert recipes and post the most inspiring pictures I can find on Pinterest.

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