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The Crepe Vine, Issue #039--Breakfast Crepes
August 12, 2016


We're already in mid-August and the summer (which summer?) is quickly coming to an end.

Kids are at home and I haven't been able to do much :-)

Anyhow, now's the time to get ready for school to start much too soon. Autumn, Halloween, Thanksgiving and Christmas are sneaking upon us.

All of those holidays are perfect occasions to make crepes, and even better occasions to gift someone a crepe book.

I have teamed up with Jessica Gray, an author of Romance novels and with her publishing expertise, I've manged to bring 30 of our most popular recipes to you as a book.

Now you can buy either the ebook (which is a steal at $2.99) or the paperback and have all your favorite recipes in the same place. The ebook is available on serval retailers, but for the paperback you must chose "Kindle" after clicking on the link below.

Get the book here -->

Crêpes Cookbook

Best Wishes and lots of fun with the recipes


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