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The Crepe Vine, Issue #005--Ready for Sizzling Hot Crepes?
June 01, 2010

Welcome to the The Crepe Vine, your monthly personal guide to all about crepes! Are you ready for our sizzling hot crepe filling recipes? Read along for grilling ideas, Father's Day crepes, the world's best creperies, your monthly recipe preview featuring Peachy Praline Crepes, and more!

pork ribs crepes\Grill + Crepes = Fun in the Summertime! Now that summer's in full swing, it's time to heat up that grill! Enjoy a full cookout menu of grilled crepe fillings, from Country Style Pork Ribs in Crepes and Bourbon Chicken Crepes to Easy Grilled Veggie Crepes. We'll even show you how to make grilled desserts such as our Peach Melba Crepes!

patty melt crepesJune 20 is Father's Day! And while that grill is still hot, celebrate your dad by making his favorite—cheeseburgers! He'll love our Patty Melt Crepes. This recipe was created just for my dad, Gale, who happily traded that boring old bun for a tasty crepe featuring a grilled ground beef patty, cheddar cheese and caramelized onions.

patty melt crepesWhere Are the World's Best Creperies? World of Crepes recently visited San Francisco. Thanks to my dearest friend Deb, who also served as tour guide, we had the honor of visiting a number of restaurants offering crepes, from Crepes-A-Go-Go on Union Street to Crepevine (what a great name!) on Fillmore. This visit inspired us to start a new page dedicated to uncovering the world's best crepe restaurants. Help us get it started by sharing your favorite!

World's Best Crepe Pan
Want to make crepes like a pro? Need an unusual Father's Day gift? Read our review of the De Buyer Crepe Pan. You know we wouldn't recommend something to you unless we believed in it, too! If you're serious about crepes, you'll want to stock your cupboard with this affordable and indispensable tool.

More New Recipes From World of Crepes:

New Recipes from our Visitors:

crepes filled with peaches and topped with praline sauceSummer is Just Peachy: Recipe Preview Just for Subscribers! Nothing says summertime like the incomparable flavor of fresh peaches. Our Peachy Praline Crepes hit the spot—the sweet spot, that is! If you're a peach lover, you must try this recipe featuring simmered fresh peaches in crepes topped with a silky praline sauce.

clipboard with TipTip of the Month: Blogger and mother Anne-Marie Nichols gives a great tip before making your first crepe: "To tell if the pan is hot enough, wet your fingers and then flick the water on to the pan. If the water sizzles and jumps off the pan, it’s ready." For many more tips on crepe-making, please visit Anne-Marie's complete post: Healthy Breakfast Crepes.

We hope you enjoyed reading The Crepe Vine as much as we enjoyed sending it to you. We welcome your feedback because it helps us improve future issues. You may drop us a line by replying to this email or click here to send your comments. Meanwhile, until next month, stay well, eat well, and keep flipping those crepes. Long live summer!

Warmest wishes,

Ashley and Gale
World of Crepes

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