Any one have any large quantity crepe reciepes?

by K Piscitelli
(Wine Country, Oregon)

I want to develop a great batter but in a larger scale. I'm afraid of messing up an original recipe flavor. I also have a commercial crepe maker which is a little larger than a normal pan. Any Suggestions????

Answer by Marion

Hi K,

most of our recipes make 4-6 crepes and you can easily double the amount in the recipe to make more crepes. But you're right, I wouldn't just take fivefold or even tenfold of the ingredients to make a large amount of batter.

Unfortunately I have never made those industrial quantities of crepe batter and can't help you with this.

I would suggest to inch your way forward. Make triple the amount of the recipe and taste. If people like it you're fine, if not you have to tweak a little bit.

Then double the size again....

Best Regards,


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