by Jean

I am inviting a group of friends to have an afternoon/evening crepe party (around 50 people).

My wife and I will make the crepes. We already know how to make the savory and sweet batters.

I need help creating a "menu" with enough variety to please them all.

For the sweet part I have no problems, we have plenty of fruits, Nutella and many dressings.

I need help on the savory department.
I know I would like to use pork, chicken and a couple of options for the vegetarians.

Please advise

Reply by World of Crepes

Hello Jean,

a Crepe Party is a fantastic idea. I'm sure your guests will be delighted! Don't be surprised if they want to try their hand at crepe-making as well :-)

As for the savory party I recommend Beef Burgundy or Chicken Marsala, that are liked by almost everyone.

For the vegetarians I can recommend the Fresh Asparagus Crepes.

As for the number of guests, 50 is quite many! Make sure you prepare as much as possible beforehand, otherwise you'll run into a lot of stress.

In the ebook Essential Guide to Crepes written by Ashley Memory, the founder of this website, you can read everything you need to know in order to make your Crepe Party a success.

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