Crepes are much easier than people think!

by Lee
(Santa Cruz, CA)

I have found that making crepes on a gas range is as easy is making pancakes. Keep in mind the same principle as when making pancakes -- your pan must be hot enough but not too hot.

Taking your time using a good non stick rounded bottom fry pan is a must. You can purchase a good Caphalon pan at Ross for under $30, and it's well worth the money. I have found a trick with all my nonstick pans. When you bring home your new nonstick item, rinse it out with warm soapy water and dry, being careful not to scratch after towel drying. Next, warm pan up just a bit, being careful that it's not too hot. You should be able to handle it without burning your hands. Pour a couple of tablespoons of vegetable, canola or corn oil inside it, and with paper towel, rub oil several times over the nonstick finish.

I have found that even doing this to cheap pans really makes a difference, and the same also applies to the really expensive ones, too. These steps make them truly nonstick. So, if you can make a pancake you can cook a crepe!

This website is by far the best I've seen yet with the best recipes out there.

Thanks all!

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Jul 21, 2010
Yes, indeed!
by: Ashley

Lee, thank you so much for weighing in on this important topic. For some reason, some people do think crepes are difficult, but as you say, if you can make a pancake, you can make a crepe!

Also, thank you for your great tips on preparing new cookware!

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