Spooky Halloween Desserts:
Banana Ghosts

Need some quick and easy Halloween Desserts recipes? These Spooky Banana Ghosts are the perfect addition to your Halloween party.

What's more, they're even healthy, gluten free and Vegan.

Everyone loves bananas, more so when they look scary like our Banana Ghosts. Did I mention that they're super easy and fast to prepare?

This can be an emergency dessert as well, when you suddenly have guests you didn't expect. Or when the worst nightmare of a party host happens and your guest ate everything there is.


  • Bananas (1 per person)
  • raisins or chocolate drops

How to make your Banana Ghosts

Cut the bananas in halves, meaning make two small ones out of every pieces.

Then cut the halves alongside in halves again. Now you have quarters with a flat and a rounded side.

Put the flat side down on a plate. On the picture I've used only two bananas, but you can use as many as you wish and also mix them with other Halloween recipes.

I have used raisins for the face, but chocolate drops are fine too. For the eyes I used either very small raisins or cut them into halves.

You need to press them with moderate pressure onto the banana to make them stick. Don't use too much pressure though, or you'll make banana mash.

Use two small raisins for the eyes and a bigger one for the mouth!

Ready! It takes less than 10 minutes to make a whole bunch of them.

Halloween Treat Boxes

If you're throwing a Halloween party, wouldn't it be nice if everyone went around Trick-or-Treating with the same treat boxes?

Or you could give everyone those cute little party favors.

With the downloadable patterns from Craftsy.com, they're easy as pie and you can use the patterns over and over again.

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