In your basic crepe batter do you add sugar?

by Connor
(New Zeland)

The old recipe I used added sugar. I think my crepes will come out tasting like nothing. (I'm making them right now ;D) Should I?

Reply by World of Crepes

Hi Connor,

my crepe batter recipes don't contain sugar. One reason is, that the sugary crepes don't go with savory filings like chicken, spinach or beef.

Crepe batter recipes that include sugar can only be used (in my opinion) for sweet crepes or desserts.

But even for desserts I still don't recommend it. Why? The crepe itself is only the wrapping for the filling and should enhance the taste of the filling, not subdue it.

If you make a Crepe Suzette, you want to be able to taste that sweet and acid mixture and not suppress it with lots of sugar.

So yes, all my crepe batter recipes are without sugar. If you're not used to it, the crepes might first taste "bland" to you, but soon you will appreciate even more the flavors from the various fillings.

Happy baking!

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