Do you have a review of any appetizer crepes?

My wife and I teach an "Advanced Cooking" class for a group of 4H kids. We did a whole class dedicated to crepes last year and as a follow on we would like to do a "mini" crepe as an appetizer for their annual Holiday Party. They come for 4 hours and prep food and serve to their parents for a little get together. It is all finger food and we have some ideas but would love to see if you have any we might steal

Gary Simmons

Ashley, World of Crepes: Thanks for introducing kids to the delicious world of crepes! While I don't have a review per se of strictly appetizer crepes, here are some suggestions that might work as appetizer crepes. I have made them all and love them.

Any of our savory crepe recipes can be made as mini (6-inch) crepes that could work as appetizers, such as Chicken Cordon Bleu Crepes or Poppyseed Chicken Crepes.

Here is also an easy mini-crepe recipe that would work as kid-friendly appetizers: Cheeseburger Crepes.

And my favorite mini-dessert crepes are:

Boston Cream Pie Crepes
Nutella Cream Cheese Crepes
Cherry Cream Cheese Crepes

Best wishes, and thanks for stopping by!

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