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Seeking ideas for crepe fillings? From simple recipes to elegant main dish crepes, read along for the most delicious crepe filling ideas in the world. We'll even show you to how to "remix" your leftovers into the most elegant crepes you can imagine!

crepes with orange marmalade and fruit No question about it, learning how to make crepes is the easy part.

It's the crepe fillings that can be the challenge.

Sometimes you may want to keep them simple, filling warm crepes with bananas and nutella or even orange marmalade and fruit, as pictured.

Simple Crepes

Pie fillings, cream cheese and fresh fruit make simple and delicious crepe ingredients. But don't rush to the grocery store just yet; you might have some of the items already tucked away in your pantry, refrigerator or freezer.

And we continue to be surprised and delighted by the creative simple crepe fillings submitted from our visitors:

Elegant Crepes

For elegant crepe dishes, be sure and check out our Main Dish Crepe Recipes. Our most popular recipes include:

From our visitors:

Remix Your Leftovers!

Now, for the fun part! What ingredients can you find hidden away in your refrigerator or pantry? These recipes are great follow-ups to your holiday or celebration meals.

Rotisserie Chicken Crepes

poppyseed chicken crepes

Who doesn't love the convenience of picking up a rotisserie chicken in the deli?

Try these easy crepe recipes using one of our most favorite main dish ingredients:

Stretch Out A Favorite Meal

Crepes are also great ways to extend the satisfaction of a great meal. Save money by making your favorite recipes last even longer!

Finish A Great Meal in Style

As always, we save the best for last....dessert! These easy dessert crepe fillings are the perfect finish to any meal.

And again, the contributions from our visitors continue to blow us away. Check out these recipes:

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